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Pics taken by my sister, Allison..

This one was really fun. Slow shutter speed, and me staying completely still until she told me to move just my head. I liked it.

I <3 this picture. It was right after I turned my hair black, and she needed a project for 'emphasis'.

I look so angsty. Actually, this picture was hard as hell to develop, b/c we kept overdeveloping it in the lab, and she had to create a custom burn tool to black out the fact that my shadow was incredibly noticable on the black backdrop we were using.

I like the tree. She made me dress like a hippie. That was bothersome. I'm not used to wearing that much white, but the shoot was fun. Spent the entire day in a field of cow shit, and then a graveyard later that night.

I liked this one to. asjachyld inspired it and lent us her mirror. <333's to Asja.

Muh baby found this dress for me. I <3 it. Allison hated me when I changed out of it into pink fishnet.

Okay, so Dylan and I needed pics for our Vampire: The Masquerade LARP and such. This seemed like such an opportune time to have his ever-so-sadistic Toreador bite the living shit out of me. I'll post the color version of this, and the sequence with it, later.

Allison's idea. She's genious, tho she has a thing for close-contact emphasizing shots.

Hope you enjoyed.

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