Bre (electra2181) wrote in ladygothika,

ok i did the survey cause i had the time...

1. What is your first name? Bree
2. How old are you? 22
3. What is your location? Montgomery, Alabama
4. What is your nationality? Irish
5. Star sign? Leo
6. What is your height/weight? [Don't lie!] 5'4, 130lbs

7. Do you smoke? Drink? Other? If yes, what? non-smoker, and i drink, less then i should.
8. What is your sexual orientation? well... i've found the guy of my life so now i'm just looking for the woman of my life.
9. What is your occupation/major? Occupation: bankteller/bookseller
10. Why are you here? You you think you belong here? If yes, why so? She asked me!
11. What do you do to pass your time? Books, computer, but most of my time is spent with my love, oooh and planning this wedding.
12. What are your favorite bands/songs/albums? um i let my love handle music, lol i listen to what he has on lol
13. What are your favorite movies/TV shows? Movies: knights tale, the order, ummm yeah if i hadn't been asked i could tell you now i can't remember
14. What are your favorite authors/books? Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth (read them now!), Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, and Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty, those are the books i swear by.
15. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? The wish i have always wish for, for the past 9 years, that he would be happy and never have pain... that i could take all the pain from him so i can see that perfect smile, that i can be near him to watch him grow into the wonderful man i know he will be, and that through it all we stay the best of friends, no more no less.
16. What do you like to think about? most of the time i think about my love, ahh but if i sit too long i think about the whys and hows... and thats never good.
17. What is something about you we would find interesting? ummm i dont' know get to know me and then tell me what you find, i'd like to know
18. Define the term "Goth"? ok thats a hard thing... i see all these other surveys and ppl are quoting times and places and shit... well goth is a state of mind, now a days you can't look around and say that, that girl over there in black is a goth cause she's wearing all black... nooo cause now somehow its become a fad, *shivers* i do not dress that way alot, i do not run out to the mall in my leather, i will not waste my time and energy to have these stupid ppl around here stare at me, i let myself out with its a speical ocasion, and also most of my clothes i deem to be more sexual sooo unless i plan on using them for that i don't wear them... clubs and concerts mostly, and for speical ppl.... but i wandered! its a state of mind which i can't really decribe... ah but yall know right?
20. Who are your idols? idols? umm don't really have any other then my love i guess.
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