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She Walks in Beauty Like the Night

Beautés Gothiques

Lady Gothika
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This one is for the femme fatales of LiveJournal who appreciate the macabre romanticism of the gothic subculture. We're not about raving, techno, neon, and cyber... We like British Literature, Romantic Art, and the sounds of bands like Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Bach, and the like. Apply if you're interested, survey below. Lady Gothika is created in the spirit of remembering what the culture started like. It brings to mind a spirit of the 'old days' when goth was more than a shopping trip at Torrid or LipService. To be a part of Lady Gothika, you must express a deeper appreciation for the true 'culture of the culture', the art, and philosophy that gives us our darker edge.

{{~the survey~}}

Star Sign:


Music (up to 10):
Film (up to 5):
Authors (up to 5):
Books (up to 5):
Artists in general:

-'Real Questions'-

1. In such an age where there's a Hot Topic in every mall, what do you feel makes you 'cultured' enough to consider yourself a part of 'Lady Gothika'?
2. When someone asks you, "What makes you goth?" how do you respond?
3. You're going out for an evening. What are you wearing?
4. What's in your CD player/MP3 playlist right now, and why did you choose to listen to it?
5. Describe your feelings about the so-called 'dark art' of the subculture:
6. Briefly describe your favorite philosopher, and why they're your favorite.
7. Thoughts on religion/reincarnation/afterlife:
8. What is 'beautiful' to you...the most beautiful thing you can imagine:
9. Why do you feel that you're 'elite enough' to be a part of Lady Gothika?
10: Finally, who did you hear about us from? And post our banner in at least two places on LiveJournal, then tell us where.


Rules for New Applicants

1. Wait at least 5 days before I, or aesthetika or mirandaadria, stamp you. Don't get fiesty, or you'll be warned.
2. Don't start arguments with stamped members. They're here because they went through the same thing you did. So, don't give them hell when they don't necessarily like your look or your answers. This is a RATING COMMUNITY, it is to be treated as such. Arguing with members will get you warned. Arguing with mods/owners will get you BANNED.
3. Please use something like photobucket.com to host your pictures. Places like yahoo.com don't like to always work.
5. PLACE YOUR APP BEHIND AN LJ CUT!! If you don't know how to do one, go try the FAQ.
6. Once accepted, please start promoting the community when you can!
8. Don't post pics that aren't really yours. Trust me, I've been on the 'net a while, and I WILL FIND OUT. This will result in your being banned.
9. 16 and up please, Lady Gothika isn't really an appropriate title for a fourteen year old. And, no offense, but at fourteen, most kids really haven't heard of the art, lit, or music of the culture that we aspire to share. Very few can read Shelley and appreciate Bach at that point. I MIGHT make a special case, if you ask nicely.
10. If you haven't posted an app within three days of joining, you'll get warned, then banned.
11. If you get rejected, feel free to try again within one week... that's seven days.

Rules for Accepted Members:

1. You can post anything you want EXCEPT: Quiz results, MEMEs, tests, or completely irrelevant topics. Try to keep discussion on literature, art, music, photography, etc. It's okay to post pictures of yourself, as long as they are ARTISTIC or serve a purpose to the post. This kind of goes back to the NO CAM WHORE statement.
2. Do not pick fights with ANYONE. If I see drama, EVERYONE involved will be warned/banned.
3. Please promote when you get the chance. <333
4. Keep active discussion. Talk about movies you've seen, books you've recently read, or post photos that you've done (only artistic ones, please). Hell, even artistic makeup photos are appreciated (take a look at Miranda Adria's Eyeliner sometime... the girls definately got that one down to an art.
5. Please vote. I require at least 50% of the commmunity to vote on someone before I stamp them.
6. If you have a problem, e-mail me or visit my LJ at immortal_cyn.
7. Don't hotlink off my webserver. I get pissy, and I can track you.


Promote with the above banner.


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