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{{~the survey~}}

Star Sign:Libra


Music (up to 10):

- Einsturzende Neubauten
- The Sisters of Mercy
- Siouxsie and the Banshees
- Bella Morte
- The Birthday Party

- Dir en Grey

-Malice Mizer (even though they broke up)



-Classical/Romantic/Baroque: Schubert<3 R. I. P., Vivaldi, Dvorak, Mozart, Bach, etc...(being a cellist, I have a measure of respect and admiration for the composers long dead.)

Film (up to 5):
Wrong Turn
-LOTR: The Two Towers
-Edward Scissorhands
-Secret Window
-The Long Kiss Goodnight

Authors (up to 5):
Garth Nix, R.A. Salvatore, Anne Rice (or A.R.R. when she wrote The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty), Neil Gaiman, and Virginia Henely.

Books (up to 5):
Sabriel (Nix), Lirael (Nix), Abhorsen (Nix), Voltaire in Love (Mitford), A Woman of Passion (Henely)

Artists in general:
Yu Watase, Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo (I bought one of the daggers he designed called the Winged Temptress. Impressive work.)

-'Real Questions'-

1. In such an age where there's a Hot Topic in every mall, what do you feel makes you 'cultured' enough to consider yourself a part of 'Lady Gothika'?
I don't really care too spend insane amounts of money on cheaply made bondage pants, plastic bracelets, and cheap pewter jewelry from Hot Topic. Instead, I (and my mother apparently) have always considered myself a deep thinker. Especially when it comes to the macabre romanticism as you so deftly put it.

2. When someone asks you, "What makes you goth?" how do you respond?
I shake my head and laugh then I as kthem "what makes you human?"

3. You're going out for an evening. What are you wearing?
Well, I own two skirts both of which fit the 'rivethead' clothing scale. For the evening, perhaps a pair of black leather go-go boots, fishnet stockings with a pair of crazy over the knee socks worn over them, a knee length skirt (I feel uncomfortable when my arse is peeking out), and a nice medievil style shirt, the ones with the bell sleeves. It would be crimson with a decent cut bodice.

4. What's in your CD player/MP3 playlist right now, and why did you choose to listen to it?
Franz Schubert's Symphonie in H-moll (Unfinished). This piece brings back the fond memories of my end-of-the-school-year concert. I also happen to love that symphonie. Also, I have a crush on Schubert. The man wrote brilliant pieces of music.

5. Describe your feelings about the so-called 'dark art' of the subculture:
I think it's an alluring, if not enchanting part of the subculture I decided to immerse myself in. I also think that if I explored enough, it would probably open my mind to new possibilities. Theories and such.

6. Briefly describe your favorite philosopher, and why they're your favorite.
Voltaire. I won't bore you with my essay on Voltaire but I will tell you why he is my favorite. Of course, we know he is from the age of Enlightenment and that he was exiled in 1759 for insulting a noble. I chose him to be my favorite philosopher because he emphasized the right to individualism and tolerance. I am hoping this will be enough. I always loved someone who believed in having real freedom instead of this half arse crap they feed us in World History.

7. Thoughts on religion/reincarnation/afterlife:
Reincarnation first intrigued me when I took a trip to India with my uncle. I was interested mostly in the gods and goddesses and aspects of the religion of Hinduism. Reincarnation to me, it's not exactly like Hinduism but more of a sort of state of being after death. Religion isn't exactly my cup of tea but you asked, so I will tell. I was born into a Muslim family. I abide by the codes passed to me in the Qur'an and I do pray five times a day (when I'm not menstruating). I think religion is philosophy and beyond. I think it's astounding, more so if your mind is open to receive the knowledge. I do not discriminate against any other religion. I don't think my religion is the one all should follow. To each his/her own. The afterlife...ah as a child I used to imagine that the afterlife was what was pictured in books and art

8. What is 'beautiful' to you...the most beautiful thing you can imagine:
Beauty to me is undescribable. I never really had a set standard for what I thought was beautiful. I think a full moon in the dead of Winter is beautiful. Have you ever looked up at the moon in the middle of December? The tufts of cirrus clouds swirling about it while the stars, barely visible, twinkle hither and thither? I think that is the most beautiful thing I could imagine, let alone see.
9. Why do you feel that you're 'elite enough' to be a part of Lady Gothika? I guess I would have to say it is because it's one of the only communities I've found that studies more than just the music, fashion, and popularity of the subculture. I believe you are looking for counter culture people who can have open discussions with no holds barred. Not someone who has to read a "Goth Handbook" to see how to behave and handle themselves.

10: Finally, who did you hear about us from? And post our banner in at least two places on LiveJournal, then tell us where.
I heard about it in your LJ Nekura. >D
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