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Name: hayes, helena handbasket
Age: 20
Location: soutern california vomitvomit
Star Sign: libra and i will never understand why this is relevant. i don't know anyone who is anything like their sign suggests.
Birthdate: 9/24/1983 hence causing me to gestate at the same time as neubauten's second album. ahem.


Music (up to 10): einsteurzende neubauten, nick cave, the birthday party, fields of the nephilim (and i'm not just name dropping them either), the cult, the god machine, rammstein, tom waits, leonard cohen, virgin black.

Film (up to 5): wise blood, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, anything by ingmar bergman, anything by werner herzog (especially kaspar hauser and anything with klaus kinski), young frankenstein.
Authors (up to 5): flannery o'connor, dylan thomas, orson scott card, nick cave, vladimir nabokov (i've only read lolita, but his style is so conversational and flowing. i love it.)

Books (up to 5): and the ass saw the angel- nick cave. the bible. the violent will bear it away- flannery o'connor. one flew over the cuckoo's nest- ken kesey. of mice and men- john steinbeck (does that even count as a whole book...?)

Artists in general: dali, miro, paul klee, my dad, the dutch masters...

-'Real Questions'-

1. In such an age where there's a Hot Topic in every mall, what do you feel makes you 'cultured' enough to consider yourself a part of 'Lady Gothika'? see the answers above. i think that says it well enough. and also because i DON'T shop in the mall. unless you count jc pennys because they have a lot of nice clothes on the clearance rack in the winter. and the fact taht my dad read me shakespear and dylan thomas as bedtime stories and played bauhaus and captian beefheart when i was little, causing extreme brain damage good taste.

2. When someone asks you, "What makes you goth?" how do you respond? i dunno. nobody's ever asked me that on the street. i would probably deny gothness and get all deathrock on them and say something about zombies and bela lugosi. because i don't take myself completly seriously.

3. You're going out for an evening. What are you wearing? a mismatched three piece suit and pointy boots. if i'm feeling girly, i'd wear a leather skirt with fishnets and some torn up band shirt. probably my porkpie hat if i don't feel like messing with my hair. i don't dress up very much though because i try to look nice EVERY day. and i don't feel any need to prove myself because i already know i am what i am.

4. What's in your CD player/MP3 playlist right now, and why did you choose to listen to it? at the moment, i'm listening to the inca babies vinyl on my dad's stereo. because my friend just bought it for me yesterday which was very kind of him. its good. check it out. they're a birthday party rip off.

5. Describe your feelings about the so-called 'dark art' of the subculture: the what now? wait.. does this have something to do with those wanna be vampires...? ew. but then again maybe i'm just an elitist asshole who wants realisim in their vampires. max schreck (or kinski) is the ONLY person who's every played a satisfactory vampire in my opinion. thee's nothing attractive or romantic about it. except that kickass coat and the cute little bats hanging in the windows.

6. Briefly describe your favorite philosopher, and why they're your favorite. jesus. no matter what you belive, you have to admit (fine. or maybe not. but whutevah. its mah hot bodday) that his way of life is the most profitable for everyone involved. its good to be nice to people and its good to be generous and loving because it will be returned at some point. nobody will like you if you're a jerkoff to everyone.

7. Thoughts on religion/reincarnation/afterlife: like nick cave said, its good to have a religion, no matter what it is. everyone here i'm sure knows the basics of christianity so i won't bother with that. but most of the time, its grossly misrepresented and those people make ME look bad.

8. What is 'beautiful' to you...the most beautiful thing you can imagine: front row at an einsteurzende neubauten concert during ein seltener vogel. been there, done that. i can die happy. bug-eyed german men are beautiful too.

9. Why do you feel that you're 'elite enough' to be a part of Lady Gothika? because i just am, damnit. and because, like i said, i'm secure enough in who/what i am that i don't feel the need to run around screaming "look at my bleeding gawthique heart oh mah gawd i am like omfg totally goffik". and because i was at the kindergoth stage when i was actually IN kindergarten.

10: Finally, who did you hear about us from? And post our banner in at least two places on LiveJournal, then tell us where. the_goth_elite and i will promote if i get accepted. i don't want to promote a community that might be about to tear me a new asshole, ya know what i mean?

-earlier this year-

mmmm vegas filth....

-very recent-

ich leiben mein hair.

before i butchered my mohawk.
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