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The Survey

Your Name- Nancy
Age/Date of Birth~ 17/Nov 25th
Current Location- Los Angeles/Hollywood
Nationality (curiosity) Mexican
Zodiac Sign Saggitarius
Sexual Orientation- Bisexual though in a commited straight relationship
What defines the 'goth' culture to you? Art in general but the music, more than anything the music post punk darker wave of music
Hobbies- reading writing playing bass shows clubs DIY clothing
Music/Bands- Christian Death(along with shadow project rozz spoken word premature ejaculation ect ect anything Rozz) Specimen Tragic Black Siousxie and the banshees The Cure Bloody Dead and Sexy 45 grave Penis Flytrap Joy division bauhaus sisters of mercy bella morte
Movies/TV The simpsons!!! invader zim documentaries Stacy, Nightmare before xmas The Pianist American History X Evil Dead Eternal Sunshine The Hours Adaptation Dead Hate the Living and i must admit to my liking of Disney movies
Books/Authors/Zines Jemiah jefferson, propaganda, Friedrick Nietzche Georges Batailles Poe Oscar Wilde The story of the eye New Grave Magazine Forensic Science
Favorite Websites (up to three),,
Your thoughts on religion/philosophy? do what makes you happy without worrying about forgiveness leans more to the side of satanism without rituals
Who is your inspiration, or your idol? Morticia Addams, Wendy O Williams, Dinah Cancer...cheesy but true my boyfriend Mario and best friend Jen
What would you want your obituary to say about you? Fabulous Hair

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